May 2023


Dear Alumnus,

Greetings from your Alma Mater in the month of May that brings warmth, blooming flowers, verdant greenery, the luscious mango fruit, and many more exciting promises in anticipation of the monsoon. May is truly a month that warms us inside out and fills our body and soul with a renewed sense of vigour and the possibility of hope, growth, and renewal. It is also that time of the year when a new batch of IIT Bombay students graduate and prepare themselves to embrace the professional world at large, while also elevating their individual status from a relatively shorter association as students to a lifelong engagement as alumni. Please join me in wishing each of them all the very best as they embark on their exciting journey ahead to meet their aspirations.

So while we bid goodbye to our students who are off to the real world and/or on their summer vacation, the Dean ACR office continues to be busy with our various activities and events. Just in April 2023, we hosted three very crucial events – the inauguration of


Late-night rendezvous with roommates…last-minute frantic revisions before midterms…budding romances…sneaking in chai and Maggi noodles / bondaas…carving your name in some corner of your hostel room to leave your mark behind on that small space that was your home away from home…

Some of your best memories as a student at IIT Bombay were the times you spent in your hostel rooms at your alma mater with your closest friends and other acquaintances, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you like to leave a permanent mark on that space that saw you grow from a nervous young student staying away from the comfort of your family home into becoming a confident young person ready to take on the world?



Student Success Story

Meet Sayoni Sarkar – an outstanding young researcher from IIT Bombay who was recently selected to join a cohort of exceptional scientists from around the world as a CAS Future Leader. Sayoni is passionate about nanotechnology and providing low-cost treatment options to cancer patients (details later in the article). Her passion and cutting-edge research have already earned her widespread recognition and we are delighted to speak with her for the May 2023 Dean ACR Newsletter. In the following conversation, Sayoni tells us about her research and how the IIT Bombay ecosystem helped her thrive, and what she dreams of in the future. Read on to discover more about our student scientist, Sayoni Sarkar



Upcoming Events

IIT Bombay to Host Second Annual CSR Conclave in June

Technology is becoming increasingly significant to solve societal challenges across various domains including healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship, and policy development. IIT Bombay is committed to leading this revolution and creating social and economic impact by leveraging its pre-eminent position in engineering and technology.

Over the years, IIT Bombay has achieved substantial progress by developing innovative technology solutions that continue to contribute to nation-building and societal development. Several of these initiatives will be showcased in the second edition of our Annual CSR Conclave. With this prestigious forum, the Institute continues its endeavour of collaborating with socially- conscious corporates in critical areas of research for societal good. 

Faculty Alumni & Distinguished Alumni Meeting (USA)

The next edition of the Faculty Alumni Network (FAN) and the Distinguished Alumni Meet (DAM) in 2023 will be held in the US at the Northwestern University Campus in Chicago. The event will bring several of our highly accomplished alumni who are in leading positions in academia and industry in the US, together with the senior administration and faculty of IIT Bombay. They will deliberate on several strategic matters related to Institute growth as well as emerging areas of research, to nucleate collaborative programs for mutual impact, and to create opportunities and explore innovative ways to take IIT Bombay to greater heights..

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