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Greetings from IIT Bombay!

The famous poet T. S. Eliot once wrote, “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

I am writing this email to inform you that my journey as the Dean of Alumni Iand Corporate Relations at IIT Bombay has come to an end. I shall be commencing a new chapter in my professional life as the Director of IIT Indore. While I am elated to step into the new role, leaving behind the IIT Bombay family will be extremely difficult.


An overview of the causes under the GO IIT Bombay fundraising campaign

Farewell & Best Wishes from DeaN ACR & DRF Team

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Greetings Alumni!

We have a wonderful opportunity for the Institute and its alumni to be engaged in each other’s progress and also be of support to each other during times of need.

To ensure that we are connected, we need you, our alumni, to update your contact information at IIT Bombay’s online portal.

The Institute has started an initiative called ‘Stay Connected‘, which will help us stay in touch and engage with all of you on an ongoing basis. It will also help us apprise you of the latest news, activities, initiatives and events happening at the Institute, as well as enable us to hear back from you as well.

Learn more about this endeavour from two of our beloved alumni members.


Yash Mandhana
Yash Mandhana

There are no shortcuts to success, and our student Yash Mandhana’s hard work and dedication are testimony to that. Yash Mandhana topped CAT 2021 by scoring 99.99 percentile in his first attempt by repeatedly solving multiple mock tests. In our recent conversation, he shares how he accomplished this incredible milestone and gives tips on how others can replicate his success.

Q: You’re studying to be a mechanical engineer at IITB and have successfully completed internships and projects in your core field; what made you change tracks and try for an MBA?
Yash: I learned and experienced the technical aspect of an enterprise during my undergraduate years at IIT Bombay. However, I always had the urge to understand the business elements and in-depth functioning of a company. I realised that pursuing an MBA will help me gain the desired expertise and help me navigate my future endeavours.

Student Research Article

Cellulose nanofibers recovery from pineapple leaf waste: a green biorefinery approach

Name: V B Poornima
Department: CTARA (IITB-Monash Research academy), Ph.D.
Name of supervisors: Prof. Amit Arora (IITB); Prof. Warren Batchelor (Monash University), and Prof. Antonio Patti (Monash University)

In essence, the study shows that the high amount of under-utilized pineapple leaf waste that causes environmental pollution could be utilized entirely as a potential feedstock for the recovery of high-value products with a potential market in food and therapeutic sectors.


Upcoming Events

The Mathematics Association is organizing the 37th Mathematics Olympiad on Sunday, February 13, 2022. The Mathematics Olympiad is a stage for youngsters to challenge themselves and test their mathematical knowledge and skills. The goal of the Mathematics Olympiad is to stimulate enthusiasm and love for mathematics in students, strengthen their mathematical intuition, foster mathematical creativity, and provide satisfaction, joy, and thrill of facing and overcoming mathematical challenges. Students from class 8th -12th are eligible for the Olympiad.

The Prof. N. R. Kamath Distinguished Webinar will be held virtually in February 2022. Dr. Anand Garde (BTech MEMS – 1967 IIT Bombay), a Nuclear Fuel Consulting Engineer, will be the key speaker for the webinar.

Title: Current status of use of Zirconium in LWR fuel & expansion of nuclear power

An E-Mobility Workshop will be held virtually in February 2022. The workshop will bring together the best of technology and research undertaken in the field of Electric Vehicles, both at IIT Bombay, and globally.

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