Dear Alumnus, Alumna,

As I write this last newsletter for the calendar year 2022, I am amazed at how quickly this year has flown by and the great change that it has brought us. Life at the beginning of 2022 was still tentative as the whole world was trying hard to put the hardships of the pandemic behind us and move forward. I am extremely gratified to note that by the end of 2022 the world is slowly but surely returning to the way our lives were before the pandemic.

One of the benefits of life returning to normalcy was the two reunion alumni events we could host in person during these last few months.

⇒ We met with our extended alumni family in Bengaluru during the first week of November. Organised by the Bengaluru chapter of IITBAA the event saw a staggering 200+ alumni in attendance. IIT Bombay’s Distinguished Alumnus, Dr. K Sivan, former chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), addressed our attendees and spoke about his years at ISRO. 


Prof. Sreedhara Sheshadri is a Professor and HoD, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay. We are delighted to speak to him for the Dean ACR Newsletter – Knowledge Tree.

Prof. Sheshadri, thank you for speaking to us today. To begin with – can you quickly take us through your academic and career trajectory? 

I was born in a small village in Karnataka and completed my basic education in Government schools and the vernacular language medium. I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from Karnataka and then started teaching in a reputed engineering college in Tumkur as a lecturer in September 1992. Later, I completed my Ph.D. in the Aerospace Department at IISc Bangalore and pursued post-doctoral research at Pohang University, South Korea, where my research was mainly focussed on combustion. 


Every donation that you can give back to your alma mater – small or big – matters to us.

At IIT Bombay we cannot stress this enough. However small the amount or the action you take towards the betterment of your alma mater – it counts.

Over the years we have heard from many of our alumni who genuinely wish to give back to their alma mater but are unable to for a variety of reasons. The most significant reason is the lack of affordability and the financial constraints that many alumni face, especially by way of family obligations including children’s education, medical commitments for ageing parents, taking care of one’s retirement needs, and more. Justifiably, giving back – whether to society, one’s extended family, or their alma mater – is not a priority.

We completely understand. And we would like to clarify on a few aspects to urge our alumni to donate to their alma mater.



Student Success Stories

IIT Bombay is synonymous with excellence in science and technology. But the Institute has a stellar reputation in the Humanities and Social Sciences programme as well. This is epitomised by Ms. Shruti Kanitkar, a Ph.D. student in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department with Prof. Malhar Kulkarni, who recently brought acclaim to the Institute by winning the Young Poet Award (Sanskrit) for 2022 from the prestigious Sahitya Academy. Shruti composed a Mahakavya (long poem) titled श्रीमतीचरित्रम् śrīmatīcaritram.

We are delighted to speak with Shruti about what makes a poet, her influences and inspirations, and what winning this prestigious award means to her.



Upcoming Events

Last Hurrah of Hostel 8

IIT Bombay will celebrate the last hurrah of its beloved Hostel 8 as it is making way for Project Evergreen. The Institute will celebrate our alumni’s memories of their joyous times spent at Hostel 8.

Please register at this link if you’d like to be a part of IIT Bombay’s history:

Contact: Gaurav Shinde
Phone: +91 9167490177

Golden Jubilee Reunion Class of 1971 (GJRU 1971)

IIT Bombay will celebrate the Golden Jubilee Reunion Class of 1971 between December 16 – December 18, 2022. The class of 1971 will return to campus and relive their glorious student days, take in the myriad changes on campus, and renew their friendships with old and new batchmates and current members of the IIT Bombay community.

Register here:

Inauguration of the Deepak and Maya Satwalekar Lab

The Deepak and Maya Satwalekar Lab has been set up through the generous contribution of our Distinguished Alumnus, Mr. Deepak Satwalekar [B.Tech. (Hons)., Mechanical Engineering, 1971)]. This first-of-its-kind initiative at the Institute will train students to combat and overcome challenges found in real-world industrial setups, through a multidisciplinary course. This Lab forms an essential part of the Institute’s larger Makerspace program that envisions providing a comprehensive education to students through exposure to hands-on learning that will complement and strengthen theoretical concepts. This critical project will provide a boost to the Institute’s endeavour of revamping its entire curriculum, in line with the National Education Policy that stresses the importance of experiential-based learning.

Silver Jubilee Reunion Class of 1997

IIT Bombay will celebrate the Silver Jubilee Reunion Class of 1997 (SJRU 1997) between December 23, 2022, to December 25, 2022. IIT Bombay invites the class of 1997 to re-visit the campus and re-acquaint themselves with former batchmates and peers during the SJRU celebrations. It is a once-in-a-lifetime for alumni to return to their beloved alma mater after a quarter of a century and express their views on their alma mater’s future direction. Register here:

Alumni Day Celebrations

IIT Bombay will celebrate its annual alumni day on December 25, 2022. All of IIT Bombay’s alumni are invited to come by and reminisce about their times spent on campus and share their memories of their favourite institute. A series of events will be held for alumni and their family members during the celebration.

Silver Jubilee Reunion Class of 1995

IIT Bombay will celebrate the Silver Jubilee Reunion Class of 1995 (SJRU 1995) between December 26, 2022, to December 28, 2022. IIT Bombay invites the class of 1995 to re-visit the campus and re-acquaint themselves with former batchmates and peers during the SJRU celebrations. Visiting their alma mater after 25 years and sharing their thoughts and ideas on the future of their alma mater will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for alumni.

Register here:


Gaurav Shinde
Phone: +91 9167490177

Rama Nair
Phone: +91 8369790148

Diamond Jubilee Reunion Class of 1962

The first batch of IIT Bombay – Class of 1962 – will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of its graduation in a virtual format on December 30, 2022. Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay, and Prof. Ravi Gudi, Dean ACR, will be part of this historic celebration. The Institute invites the class of 1962 to reconnect with their batchmates and peers, reminisce with old and new friends, and celebrate this milestone event.

Register at:


By Sukrut Kamerkar, Jagjeet Singh, Subham Tripathy, Hemangi Bhonsle, Mukesh Kumar, and Roop Mallik
A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai (IIT Bombay) and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, published a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
New research identifies specific molecules that mediate the transport of lipids inside a cell and to the bloodstream.

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