Dear Alumnus,

Warm and refreshing greetings from the verdant green campus of IIT Bombay. Post the first wave of the bountiful Mumbai rains, the lush green campus welcomed all the new and continuing students back to campus for the academic semester.

There were three major events that occurred at IIT Bombay in July: IIT Bombay’s annual CSR Conclave – Tech for Sustainable Development, the finale of the Invention Factory Program, and the Civil Services Reunion. Please look for extended and longer special reports on all these three major events in this newsletter.

Let me now celebrate the accolades, honours, and awards received by the Institute faculty, students, and alumni members.

• I am extremely delighted to announce that IITB’s Distinguished Alumnus, Dr. Sharad Kumar Saraf (B.Tech., Electrical Engineering, 1969), has created history by becoming the first Institute alumnus to be appointed as the Chairperson of IITB’s Board of Governors (BoG).


Professor Subimal Ghosh’s accomplishments in the field of climate studies are inspiring. From collaborating with governmental agencies and creating a ground-breaking expert system to forecast floods in India to winning prestigious awards, his accomplishments are truly inspirational.

We are pleased to talk to him for the Dean ACR newsletter as he walks us through his professional journey filled with many milestones.

IN Conversation with Alumni

IIT Bombay’s distinguished alumnus, Mr. Raj Subramaniam (B.Tech, Chemical Engineering, 1987), and the current CEO of FedEx Corporation visited the Institute on May 04, 2022.

During his visit, Mr. Subramaniam had constructive conversations with Institute functionaries and was given an overview of the innovative research being pursued at IIT Bombay. He also interacted with faculty members and students from one of IIT Bombay’s first interdisciplinary programs- Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR). Mr. Subramaniam’s visit to campus concluded with a quick tour highlighting some of the most iconic buildings and popular hotspots at his alma mater’s serene and green campus.

Even though Mr. Subramaniam had a very busy schedule, he still took the time to address a few questions. Undoubtedly, his words will inspire the younger generation of students at IIT Bombay to aspire to greatness and achieve success on a global stage.


IIT Bombay’s Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Conclave 2022, Tech for Sustainable Development, held on July 6, 2022, was a resounding success. A large number of India’s biggest corporates who attended the conclave were hugely impressed at the Institute’s formidable forays into critical areas of research to develop actionable, cost-effective, sustainable, and scalable solutions that can solve pressing challenges of national and global importance. These include education, healthcare, rural development and agriculture, sustainability, skills and entrepreneurship, women empowerment, social and policy development. Prof. Ravindra D. Gudi, Dean, Alumni and Corporate Relations, IIT Bombay, gave an enlightening insight to corporates present on the Institute’s R&D projects in these core areas.

Some of IIT Bombay’s alumni opt for a career in the Indian Civil Services after graduating from the Institute. It is a matter of immense pride for the Institute that they are serving the nation by way of governance and making high-impact policy decisions that benefit our country.

The Institute was delighted to honour them by hosting its first-ever ‘Civil Services Alumni Reunion’ on campus over three days between July 8-10, 2022. The event, planned by IIT Bombay Alumni Association (IITBAA), was attended by over 30 alumni from various batches.

A Smart Clubfoot Brace, a Hand Pump with an Integrated Water Purification System, and an Active Thermoregulatory Vest were crowned the top three inventions during the grand finale on July 1, 2022, of the Invention Factory Program, a six-week-long ideate-to-prototype-to-pitch initiative funded by the Maker Bhavan Foundation.

Spearheading the program were Prof. Alan Wolf, Professor of Physics and U.S. Patent Attorney, and Prof. Eric Lima, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, along with faculty members from IIT Bombay, Prof. Amber Shrivastava, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Prof. Sandip Mondal, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering.

The Aerospace Computational Engine (ACE) was inaugurated on December 1, 2021, on the Golden Jubilee anniversary of the pioneer aerospace batch of 1971. Dr. Jay Lala (B.Tech., Aerospace Engineering, 1971), who funded the facility, inaugurated ACE remotely while the ceremony was also attended in person by a few members of his family.

A paucity of high-performance computational facilities for researchers at the Department of Aerospace Engineering led to them submitting a proposal for Rs. 50 lakhs to build ACE to Dr. Lala during the headship tenure of Prof. Avijit Chatterjee in 2017.

Prof. Subhasis Chaudhuri, Director, IIT Bombay, met with alumni members from Chicago on May 20, 2022, at the University Club of Chicago. Mr. Ram Kelkar, IIT Bombay alumnus (B.Tech., Electrical Engineering, 1980) and Co-Founder, IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation, arranged the soiree along with the IITB DRF office.


News from IIT Bombay



IIT Bombay organizes certification course on IoT

The Technology Innovation HUb (TIH) Foundation for IoT (Internet of Things) and IoE (Internet of Everything), IIT Bombay, organized a certification course, “Introductory Course on IoT” from July 4 to July 8, 2022. The course looked at End-to-End IoT system design and provided a basic introduction to developing an IoT-based system, including the various components of such a system. The course also covered other key aspects considered in the design, implementation, and hands-on experience necessary to build such a system. Over 50 representatives from industry, academia, and research institutes participated in the event.

Upcoming Events

Inauguration of ‘Kadayam S. Srinivasan’ and ‘Harivallabh Nagar Micro-Factories

The ‘Kadayam S. Srinivasan Micro-Factory’ and ‘Harivallabh Nagar Micro-Factory’ have been set up at IIT Bombay’s campus through the generous donations of IITB alumni, Mr. Balaji Srinivasan (B.Tech, Chemical Engineering, 1993) and Mr. Sumeet Nagar (B. Tech, Mechanical Engineering, 1993). The facilities are now operational and will be formally inaugurated on August 12, 2022.

The micro-factories form an integral part of IIT Bombay’s Maker Space initiative that intends to replace the conventional drawing and workshop courses with state-of-the-art thematic labs and micro-factories. The objective of this project is to transform the educational experience of students by enabling hands-on learning with the help of advanced facilities similar to those found in real-world industrial setups, and also teach students the latest design and manufacturing practices.

The Hostel 7 Micro-Factories are equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, forming machines, electronic lathes, and the latest modelling software to enhance their research. These facilities contribute to IIT Bombay’s larger mission of providing its students with practical learning that can prepare them for real-life challenges.

Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP)

One of the key ways for alumni to volunteer their services to their alma mater is through the Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP). The latter facilitates one-on-one meetings between IITB’s alumni and the Institute’s students. Through ASMP, alumni mentor and guide the students with life-changing decisions regarding their future career paths, offer their expertise to departments and faculty, help with fundraising initiatives, arrange for guest speakers at events held at the Institute, and more.

60th Convocation Ceremony for IIT Bombay’s 2022 Graduating Batch of Students

The 60th convocation ceremony for the 2022 batch of students graduating from IIT Bombay will be held on August 20, 2022, at IITB’s campus. Graduating students will be conferred their degrees during this momentous occasion that marks the culmination of their student lives. It’s also a day filled with joy and celebration when students get together, reminisce about their time at IITB, and socialize with their friends and faculty one last time before they embark on the next phase of their lives.

Independence Day Celebrations

IIT Bombay will celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day on August 15, 2022. The Institute celebrates India’s independence every year by honouring and saluting the country’s freedom fighters. This year too, the extended IIT Bombay family will come together and celebrate India’s freedom with a sense of national pride and patriotism.

IIT Bombay Gen Zero Women Initiative

IIT Bombay represents some of the best science and technology talent in India. The Institute has always promoted gender equality and women empowerment, even as our next generation of women students will join a legacy of women alumnae and global icons such as Padma Shri awardees Dr. Rohini M. Godbole, Dr. Sharada Srinivasan, and more.

To honour these exceptional women alumnae and their many stellar accomplishments, IIT Bombay, along with our alumnus, Mr. D.C. Agrawal, will be hosting an event called the ‘IIT Bombay Gen Zero Women Initiative’ with the launch of a coffee-table book and a podcast highlighting their stories.

IIT Bombay Research Park to Host Conclave on Sustainability

IIT Bombay Research Park Foundation will host a Conclave on Sustainability on November 30, 2022.

Dr. M. Ravichandran, Secretary, Government of India, will be the guest of honour at the occasion. The sessions at the conclave will cover critical topics such as Air and Water Quality, Sustainable & Resilient Infrastructure, AI for Sustainability, Climate Mitigation, Green Technology & Carbon Sequestration, Climate Policy and Circular Economy, and Food-Energy-Water nexus.


IIT Bombay alumnus, Mr. Anant Yashwant Khare (B.Tech, Civil Engineering, 1967), more popularly known as Nanda Khare, passed away in Pune on July 22, 2022, after a prolonged illness.

Mr. Khare was born in Nagpur to Yashwant Anant Khare and Sumati Khare on October 2, 1946. After finishing his school years at English School and Saraswati Vidyalaya, he joined IIT Bombay.

Mr. Khare was a multi-dimensional man who had varied interests throughout his life. He was a partner and managing director at Khare and Tarkunde Pvt. Ltd., a company founded by his father. Between 1981 to 1992, he was actively involved with the Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, a learning centre focused on science. Between 1998 to 2017, he worked at the now defunct newspaper, Aajcha Sudharak, first as a member of its editorial board, and, then, as its editor-in-chief. He was also a member of the Marathi Science Council.

Mr. Khare was also an award-winning and gifted Marathi writer who tackled scientific, sociological, and economic issues in his writing. He received several awards from multiple foundations like Granthali, Lokmangal, Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh, and more. His book ‘Kahani Manav Pranyachi’ won the Bhai Madhavrao Bagal Award in 2010 from the Maharashtra State Government. His Marathi novel ‘Udya,’ meaning tomorrow, won the Sahitya Academy Award in Marathi in 2020, but he politely declined the award citing “personal reasons.” The novel looks at the digital revolution and explores a future where humanity is controlled by machines.

His other literary works comprise novels, translations, and autobiographies. These include Antajichi Bakhar, Kahani Manavpranyachi, Bakhar Antakalachi, Waarulpuraan, and Samprati, among others. His autobiography, Evaji, was published in 2011.

IIT Bombay mourns the passing away of the dynamic and multi-faceted Mr. Anant Yashwant Khare. Our deepest condolences go out to his family members. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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